Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter beauty

Last week we were treated to a foot of snow- unusual and wonderful for Missouri! It was a perfect day- Sun shining, sky a brilliant blue, and the soft snow heaped up everywhere!
I enjoyed taking walks in our backyard, photographing some of my favorite spots...

                                          A favorite barn view
                                                Our little log cabin
                                        Red-tailed hawk- magnificent!
                                                The Barn
                                       Wrens are one of the most adorable birds!
                                                   Sunset view
All photos available as note cards!


Kerry said...

Great photos! How does one order cards? Do you have an online store? Have you ever thought of opening a shop on

Sam and Sisters said...

Kerry- I am SO sorry that I didn't respond to your comment in February about where we sell our photo cardds!
Our sister Nikola does have an Etsy shop (, but we haven't tried selling the cards there yet. Should we try Etsy?
We were thinking that people could order cards by emailing us (, with ideas of what cards they want.
Currently I realize we don't have a helpful selection of samples of photo cards up for peope to choose from. We will work on it!
Will you be coming to the homeschool CHEF conference in June? We sell the cards there!
Have a great day.

susanwalkergirl said...

Hello Sam and Sisters,

Discovered your blog from Dakota's Nature Photos. You take some lovely pictures.

What is the bird on the log? It sort of looks like a wren.

Sam and Sisters said...

Hello Susan: Glad you found our blog! Thank you for for the kind comment. Yes, the little bird on the log is a wren!