Thursday, July 14, 2011

CHEF Homeschool Conference 2011

Last month, June 21st and 22nd, found Sam and all his sisters, brother and parents at the annual CHEF convention, where they listened eagerly to great speakers, shopped, and talked with old and new friends!

Dr. Voddie Bauchum

Outdoors at lunch break...both days were beautiful!

Our conference is held at the St. Charles Convention center- a delightful place.

Since this year, the conference had a 'Civil War'' theme, I,Marjolaine (Mazzou's photography)
decided to wear one of our Civil War costumes throughout the first day of the Conference. My older sisters also dressed in period costume.

Listening to historian Bill Potter explain interesting points of the war between the states!

Following are pictures I took early Wednesday morning before leaving
for a day at the Convention center!


Coreopsis- I love the color!

The pasture behind us with the early morning peaceful!
The following pictures are of the beautiful Civil War period ball we had at the end of the Conference!
It was a wonderful many splendid costumes, and the dancing was delightful.

Just an example of the lovely costumes the girls wore to the Ball!

Marjolaine, of ''Mazzou's Photography'', will also be posting more pictures from this event, if you care to hop over and take a look!


P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

I really like your first picture of the fountain!!!! :) Beautiful pictures!!

Sam and Sisters said...

Breanna...thank you! Many of these pictures were taken by Elodie! (Including fountain one!)