Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beautiful building pictures in St. Louis!

A new favorite picture! Can't wait to get this made into cards

In March, I, with my Mum and sister, went down to University City for a very good Bulgarian dance workshop! (here is a longer post about that)
On Saturday, while waiting to be picked up, we admired the buildings around us....I am excited to share with you some neat angles I captured of these lovely buildings. Of course, editing the images was fun, too. :)

Looking down the street

I LOVE this one, too! It will make wonderful cards. It is the Methodist church where the Bulgarian workshop was held! Doesn't it look ''Scottish''?


Which picture of all above did you like best?! :) I want to hear your opinion. 

-Until later! 
Marjolaine B. (Mazzou)

Accompanying post can be read here: Mazzou Memories- Bulgarian workshop

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