Friday, December 30, 2011

A collection of winter pictures

                                               I found several winter pictures for your enjoyment!
                   They were taken throughout the past few years by different members of Sam and Sisters. :)

A Canadian cabin taken by Jessie

A cardinal (SWB photography)

Oh- a funny one from 2008 Christmas Ball which I entitle ''Blowing away!''

A delightful breakfast

Deer at a park nearby (which boasts the best sledding hill around!) and St. Xavier church where we have the winter Ball each year. A question- does anyone else feel intimidated when driving up to this massive yet beautiful structure?

A whimsical expression

I love nuthatches!  (pictures of birds all by Sam- SWB Nature Photography- by the way!)

A downy woodpecker

A picture our Mum took in South Carolina! Not winter, but I love the holly trees.

My friend Sara and I at the Ball in 2008

Jessie took this really nice pinecone picture before sledding last December.
(Last December was SO snowy! Looking at my calendar, I saw that by this time last year we had already gone sledding at least 4 times! But this season we've only had one snowfall! Oh well. I got to make a snowman last week, and it's still standing. :))

Princess Laura-Lise in the snow last year

A red-bellied woodpecker

The little cabin again

Ivy-covered stairs in South Carolina

A favorite picture of the red-bellied woodpecker!

Have a pleasant winter!
I'm personally hoping we get lots more snow! What about you?

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